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Outsource CAD Conversion and CAD Drafting

With over 5 years of expertise in architectural engineering services, we can assure you of accurate and efficient services delivered to you ahead of your timeline.

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

Outsourcing CAD Services digitizes your architectural plans and other drawings to take care of your documentation needs. Your building plans are

  • Non-fading 

  • Archived 

  • Searchable 

  • Accessible to multiple users for changes

  • Accessible to revisions during the building process.

We can work from paper (hand-drawn documents) or any file format such as .tif files or any other image files. We convert them to .dwg files using AutoCAD. We also handle raster to vector conversions and provide dimensioning services.

We use state of the art tools and technologies to provide our clients with best of class service. We offer CAD Conversion services using the latest CAD software.

Outsource CAD Drafting Services

CAD Drafting and Conversion Services
•    Architectural layout & landscaping CAD drawings 
•    Architectural floor plan CAD drawings 
•    Space plan CAD drawings 
•    Furniture CAD drawings 
•    Reflected ceiling plans/ CAD drawings 
•    Interior designing & planning / CAD drawings 
•    Sanitation & Piping plan/ CAD drawings 
•    Architectural Elevations and Sections CAD drawings 
•    Detailed Architectural working CAD drawings 
•    HVAC CAD drawings 
•    Structural CAD drawings 
•    Electrical CAD drawings 
•    Sewerage & drainage plans/ CAD drawings 

CAD Drafting Services 
At Outsourcing CAD Services, we can create CAD drawings from any format, even paper. If you don't have your design on paper yet, all you need to do is give us your design specifications and measurements, and we will create the CAD drawings for you.

Here's what we can do for you
•    You give us the details and we will draft them into accurate working drawings 
•    We can draft different CAD renderings or views of your building 
•    We will follow the drafting standards of your particular location/state 
•    We will edit your drawings for you, all you need to do is send us the edited sketch information & we will make changes to the CAD drawing to match your sketch 
•    We work with any input/output format 

CAD Conversion Services - 
In addition to CAD drafting services, we have experience in CAD conversion services as well. Here's what we can do for you- 
•    Raster to vector Conversions in CAD and other vectorization services 
•    Dimensioning services 
•    Conversion of prints to CAD vector formats by scanning 

Our Architectural Drafting and Design Expertise
Our knowledge and experience are vast; with numerous years of detailing experience. We have successfully helped many clients worldwide with the following:
•    Commercial & Industrial Projects 
•    Educational Institutions (University Buildings) 
•    Cinema Theaters 
•    Parking Garages 
•    High-Rise & Low-Rise Buildings 
•    Residential
•    Retail    

Paper to CAD Conversion.jpg

We offer a free trial for up to 6 to 8 hours to understand our process and how it works. Upload your trial files here and send us an email, we will get back to you with the completed files.

File types can be: PDF, JPG, TIFF and any other image formats

Our CAD Conversion Services include:

- Paper to CAD Conversion

- PDF to CAD Conversion

- Image to CAD Conversion

- 2D CAD to 3D CAD Conversion​

What you get with our CAD Drafting and CAD Conversion Services 
•    Qualified architects perform CAD drafting and conversion, not just draftsmen. 
•    98% accuracy 
•    Work with any format 
•    AI layering standards 
•    We can give u a dedicated/flexible team based on your requirements 
•    We will train our architects on the drafting standards of your particular location/state, according to your specifications and guidance. 


Customer Segment \ Industry
Our typical Customer segment includes:
» Architects
» Interior Designer
» Property dealer
» Building Service Contractors
» Consultant engineers
» CADD service providers
» Structural consultants
How does the process work? 
1.    You inquire with us. We clarify the scope of work and send reference input and output files through an FTP site 
2.    We understand your requirements. We send you samples of similar work executed so you can be sure of our quality standards 
3.    We evaluate your requirements and send you a time and cost work order 
4.    You sign the work order. If your project is complex and requires a trial program, we will start working on it. 
5.    We finalize the delivery model and start your project. 

Outsource your Architectural Drafting and Detailing, CAD Services, CAD Drafting and CAD Design Services to India. Please contact us here with your CAD drafting, CAD design or CAD services requirements.

Outsourcing CAD Services

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